What My Clients Say

My clients range in age from eight to eighty-something. They are men, women, children, couples, and families—people who come from all walks of life. Here’s what some of them have to say about my work and me.

Maybe most importantly for someone like me, Sally creates what I call a spiritual container: an emotional environment where I feel safe, where I can forget about the world outside for a time and focus on letting in the support of her skilled hands.

— Alyce Barry

Sally’s massages have had a dramatic impact on the quality of my life and that of my whole family. For nearly 20 years, I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain sustained from the trauma of a rollover car accident. I have worked with dozens of massage therapists over the years and have been frustrated by the constant need to communicate and guide their direction. This is not the case with Sally. She has what I call “a sixth sense.” She is intuitive, in tune with my body, and always able to find and focus on what needs work. Sally is deeply knowledgeable and reliable—a professional in every aspect.

— Angela Mumm

When I met Sally, I had been suffering from sciatic nerve pain for almost a year. In three visits, Sally was able to alleviate my pain and get me back on track to a full recovery. Sally is an intelligent, compassionate woman with an amazing gift! I highly recommend her to anyone suffering with chronic pain.

— Cindy Benson

I love what you do for me, my staff, and especially my family. I feel fortunate that you have come into all of our lives. I respect how you handle a very demanding job with such grace, compassion, and zest.

— Dale Katechis

Sally brings a genuine spirit and warmth to her bodywork. I feel a sense of calm as soon as I walk into her space. She’s passionate, knowledgeable, and professional about bodywork and its healing properties. With her holistic approach, she skillfully tailors each session based on my physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Sally—and the benefits of her work—have become a part of my lifestyle. I always look forward to my next scheduled session.

— Danielle Groover

Twenty-two years of sitting on a dental stool had taken their toll on my neck, shoulders, and hips. Until I started working with Sally, there were some mornings when my body felt like it was 90 years old! In only a month, Sally’s amazing hands gave my body back so much flexibility that I thought was lost forever. I have learned so much about my own body from Sally—how to heal it, keep it flexible, and help it remain pain-free.

— Deb Rocchi

Sally is a miracle worker! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and talented. I am grateful to be able to see her each month.

— Diana Ralston

Our whole family has been getting massages from Sally for more than three years. She provides the best massages for our college athlete children, helping them with problems that their school trainers and therapists could not. At the same time, Sally does fantastic work on us, helping our muscles stay flexible and healthy as we age. We make it a priority to get at least one massage a month and can feel the difference it makes in our lives.

— Erin and Greg Miller

Since undergoing spinal fusions, I need massage therapy to keep my lower back limber. Thanks to Sally, I am able to continue working as a carpenter. She knows exactly what to do to keep me pain free.

— Jeff Lee

I started going to Sally because I hurt so much from a medical procedure. She told me I had a lot of muscle tension, too. Now, she keeps me on track! At 83, I am her oldest client.

— Margaret Hill

After two back surgeries, I was very frustrated when lower back pain began creeping back into my life. I sought massage as a means to reduce the pain and gain some short-term relief. But I quickly realized that Sally’s bodywork is much more than a typical massage. She really listens to me and my body. Each session is different and geared towards my current condition. Sally’s bodywork, along with her recommendations for a few simple ergonomic changes, has eliminated my back pain. Her approach is personal, thoughtful, and professional. The results have been fantastic.

— Mike Beam

Sally’s previous work in high tech has given her a unique understanding of the strain that sitting in front of a computer and working in a high-pressure environment puts on the body. The therapeutic massages that I receive are targeted to relieve my pain caused by long hours of sitting and typing. I do not know how I would make it through a month without Sally’s bodywork.

— Robbin Rogers

There are really no words to describe how in-tune your whole body, mind, and soul feel when Sally works on you. Her unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for each and every client, simply dissolve stress and tension. Sally knows where my problem areas are, and she tailors each of my bodywork sessions to fit those areas. I feel so honored and lucky to have Sally in my life!

— Sandra Ulibarri

Sally’s incredible talent and synergistic ability are undeniable. For most of my life, I viewed massage as a reward for special occasions. Sally’s healing touch has completely changed my mindset. I now view massage as an integral part of my, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Sally always listens. She never repeats a “massage pattern.” Rather, she tailors her approach for each session and concentrates on problem areas – sometimes ones I wasn’t aware I had. She has taught me the value of stretching and the importance of working and sleeping in positions that don’t negatively impact my mobility. Sally is the real deal. I can’t imagine my life without her steady and kind care.

— Sherri Coulter

Sally’s bodywork has made a world of difference for me. The level of care and understanding she has for the human body and the way it works is amazing. I have a greater sense of overall well-being and understanding of the way my body works and feels.

— Taylor Raffensperger

Each massage from Sally is different because I am in a different space each time I have a session. Sally truly listens to what I need. She not only listens to my words, she listens to my body. Every massage is wonderful, and the health benefits I have received are innumerable.

— Theresa Collins

When I had a back injury and the spine specialist told me I would stay in that condition forever, I felt despair. The pain was unbearable until Sally appeared in my life. Thanks to her great knowledge, wonderful hands, and deep understanding, my condition is improving a lot.

— Violetta Briones

Why does it feel soooo good to get your brain massaged?

— Wells Katechis (at age 7)